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Fashion : 5 african designers to look out for in 2015

5-designers-to-watch-2015-Kaela-Kay- JeWanda

The website Miss Afropolitan shares a review of 5 african designers you must know of and look out for in 2015…

Kaela Kay

5-designers-to-watch-2015-Kaela-Kay- JeWanda-2

Clean. Classy. Creative. These are the three words that Catherine Addai uses to describe her successful clothing line. Kaela Kay is a Toronto-based clothing line that uses bold prints in creative styles; therefore creating unique, fun and colourful designs.

Recently giving us a hint on Instagram for a 2015 summer collection, we cannot wait to see what Catherine Addai, head designer and creative director of Kaela Kay has in store for us. With her love for prints and patterns in addition to her creativity, we sure will be front row for the presentation of her new collection.

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Chen Burkett New York


Chen Burkett NY is definitely a must-look for designer in 2015. She is blowing our Instagram feed with her amazing designs that are very contemporary. Her different pieces of clothing are inspired by her heritage from Antigua, Ghana and Great Britain. A clothing line inspired by different cultures some will say! What we know for sure is that her clothes are elegant and are for every day. We also love the fact that she includes outerwear in her designs which is not always the case with the use of African prints.

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Christie Brown Ghana

Christie Brown is a luxury fashion brand that celebrates day to day women in classy, elegant and graceful designs. Making the buzz for years from Accra to New York, Christie Brown never ceases to blow our minds by creating gorgeous lines that incorporate African fabrics and traditions into high fashion styles. We fell more in love with her designs while watching the African show, An African city where the beautiful characters constantly flaunted amazing dresses.

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Dwomoh-Piper Twins

5-designers-to-watch-2015-dpipertwins jewanda

Danielle and Chantelle Dwomoh-Piper commonly known as the DPiperTwins are definitely two fashion designers to look out for this year. Having been in the business for over five years now, these identical twins from New York have been creating bright, simple yet elegant designs such as cocktail dresses, beanies, casual blouses. They have been featured in major television shows such as Rachael Ray Show and the Today’s show.

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Tehilah Designs

5-designers-to-watch-2015-Tehilah JeWanda

Debuting her first collection in 2013 called TEHILAH by Tehilah, the young Tehilah Abakasanga from Toronto took us by storm with an all-black collection of gowns. With just one colour, the designer created several pieces suitable for everyone. Her clothes are worn in different parts of the world and we cannot wait what she will present this year.

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via Miss Afropolitan

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