Series : « Shuga – Love, Sex, Money » with Lupita Nyong’o (Kenya) and Tiwa Savage (Nigeria)



« Shuga : Love, Sex, Money » is a kenyan series and the story of fun-loving, short-sighted, hard-working, love-making, dream-chasing, heart-breaking and well-meaning youth. This series focuses on a modern girl Ayira (starring Lupita Nyong’o before Hollywood) who knows what she wants and how to get it. The third season of the show (Shuga Naija) takes place in Lagos (Nigeria) and is directed by Biyi Bandele (Half of a Yellow Sun), starring Nigerian music star, Tiwa Savage.

Shuga Season 1

Series one of Shuga follows the lives and love of a group of young students whose bright lives and fabulous future’s are balanced on a knife edge due to their love of risk and some bad choices. Ayira develops passion with an older man at the expense of a long time lover Ty. It also looks at the life of two lovers Virginia and Leo who face various obstacles in their relationships but are determined to make it work.




Shuga Season 2

Violet is now all grown up and doing her thing, Skola is living positively, Leo is still the good guy in love, Ayira has moved from Nairobi and Kennedy is…well Kennedy! New to the show; Angelo is the reformed thug, Rayban is the gay best friend, Miss B’Have is the sexy singer, Femi is the flamboyant lady-whisperer, Dala is the stunning party girl, Kipepeo is the village girl with big dreams and Baby is the young sweetheart. Wow! Shuga: Love, Sex, Money explores the notions of power and the impact those who have it leave in our lives, reflects on beliefs and actions surrounding love, lust and sex and tells the story of hopes and dreams that either flourish or shatter into a million pieces. Complicated, much like life, it investigates the choices people make and their undeniable effects on themselves and others.




Shuga Naija Season 3

Secrets and lies, crossed wires and broken dreams are at the heart of series 3 of Shuga, set in Nigeria for the first time, after two seasons based in Nairobi. Set against the clubs, bars and student hangouts of Lagos, Shuga relates a bitter-sweet tale of love, betrayal, relationships and heartache among a group of friends in the city of Lagos. In Shuga, nearly everyone’s keeping something hidden from those they love – from their family, their girlfriend, their boyfriend, their lover, their best friend, their husband, but perhaps most of all: themselves…



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