Cinema : New documentaries to look out for at the Luxor African Film Festival



The third edition of the Egyptian Luxor African Film Festival again has a wide-ranging programme scheduled for next month. Selected films will be showing in different competitions: Long Narrative, Short Narratives, Short Documentaries and Long Documentary. Below you’ll find a couple of the selected documentaries’ trailers (set in Togo, Senegal, Ghana, Somalia, South Africa, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Angola) that were recently uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo, plus links to the films’ websites — where available.

The Festival will take place on March 16th to March 24th.

Visit the website.


Nana Benz (2012, 85 min, director Thomas Bölken) | Togo


Touba (2013, Chai Vasarhelyi) | Senegal



Lettres du Voyant (2013, Louis Henderson) is a documentary-fiction about spiritism and technology in contemporary Ghana, which attempts to uncover a mysterious practice called “Sakawa” – internet scams mixed with voodoo magic.



From the same filmmaker, Louis Henderson, also showing is Logical Revolts (2012) | Egypt



Angola Ano Zero (2013, Ever Miranda) | Angola


The River (2013, 86 min, Abdenour Zahzah). During a journey on foot along the Oued El Kebir River, Zahzah encounters mini-societies of people who give us a different picture of Algeria.


Ali’ens: Somalis in Transit (2013, 90 min, Paula Palacios) | Somalia


Emirs in Wonderland (2013, 75 min, Ahmed Jlassi) | Tunisia


Made in Gougou (2013, Latifa Doghri) | Tunisia


Light and Dark (2013, 45 min, Paulene Abrey), a biopic of South African artist Norman Catherine |South Africa




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