Fashion : Rihanna for River Island 2013 Winter Collection


Fashion : Rihanna for River Island Winter Collection

Following a successful collaboration with the Spring Summer and Autumn 13 collections, Rihanna returns with the River Island 2013 Winter Collection dropping tomorrow.

The 40-piece winter collection by Rihanna which goes on sale in stores and online on November 7th, consists of glamorous and sexy pieces with the entire collection just right for the party season. Oversized varsity jackets, matching tartan seperates, embellished party dresses, longer lined tuxedo jackets and denim jumpsuits are the key pieces in the range.

Tartans, denim, black and metallic inject the rock and roll edge to the range while the floral and soft fabric like velvets and faux furs present a softer side, the combination of soft and hard has been an underlining theme of the entire collaboration expressing strength and fearlessness.

Fashion : Rihanna for River Island Winter CollectionThe Limited Edition collection features black leather skinny trousers, black snakeskin embossed bra top, shorts and skirt, faux fur trucker and Cossack hats. With only 100 pieces of each item made and in line with all previous collections, they’re expected to fly off the shelves quickly.

‘With River Island, everything was brand new in the beginning. They gave me creative freedom to do whatever i wanted to do. I was inspired by so many things for the Spring/Summer collection and I was really able to get my hands dirty.  I wanted the Autumn/Winter collection to be a continuation of the Spring/ Summer story which is why I incorporated some of the similar ideas using different techniques fitted for those Seasons.’ Rihanna

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Fashion : Rihanna for River Island Winter Collection



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