Wand’Event : The Afropolitan Fashion Week, October 10th-12th, 2014 – Toronto (Canada)



The AWFA is proud to launch the first edition of the Afropolitan Week of Fashion and Arts in Toronto, Canada, from Friday, October 10th to Sunday, October 12th of 2014.

The Afropolitan Fashion Week is a privately funded platform used to showcase unique designs from local, national and international designers to an exclusive audience mostly of fashion, business and media leaders.

For this first year edition, they are only selecting up to 8 designers who will be showcasing the 2014/15 Fall/Winter collection to medias, potential buyers, stylists, influential personalities and to a small general audience.

The Afropolitan Week of Fashion & Arts Inc. (recently renamed The Afropolitan Group) was created in 2011 with the objective to create a platform for Afropolitans in Canada and in the world to showcase their talent on a platform of local, national and international scales. This organization goes beyond Fashion and Arts; it offers workshops, discussion panels on social issues such as HIV/AIDS, genital mutilation in West Africa, racism on a local scale and issues related to women and children.
Their main objective is to create dialogue and education within their community throughout a series of events in Toronto and in different places of the world. The word ‘’Afropolitan’’ is a combination of the two words ‘’African’’ and ‘’Cosmopolitan’’. An Afropolitan is simply an African of the world.

So Wanda People, who will be there ?

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