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WanDiscovery : Black & Sexy TV, Youtube Channel – U.S.A.


Wanda Series Lovers, today let’s have a look to Black & Sexy TV, an online network that offers black entertainement through series and movies.

Few months back we presented you few of their series like « Hello Cupid » or « Sexless« , have a closer look to this american growing brand that provides a new generation of series and has quite an interesting business model.

BLACK&SEXY TV is an entertainment and lifestyle network that has coined the phrase Independent TV while creating a slate of programming focused on a young, progressive, Black audience who seek a truer reflection of their modern culture.  The brand is a spin off venture from the 2008 Sundance Film Festival darling, « A Good Day to be Black and Sexy » directed by Dennis Dortch, distributed by Magnolia Pictures and licensed by Showtime and Netflix.  Dennis Dortch, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, runs the network alongside Co-Founders Numa Perrier, Brian Ali Harding, and Jeanine Daniels.

After 2+ years of offering 7 successful episodic series as free programming to their audience, BLACK&SEXY TV has now accomplished two successful Pay Per View Events, and is merging into a monthly paid subscription model. But BLACK&SEXY TV continues to produce original programming for an underserved audience, while acquiring curated content in line with the brand.

Few of the actors featured in these series have been in several americain productions (series or movies) like Top Five, L.A. Complex, Selfie or Dear White People...

And the music is very good too…

Here are the series they propose :


Two friends dealing with life, manhood, and parenting… in their own way.
Mike has just been dumped by his girlfriend after being told he needed to get his sh*t together and grow up.
After wallowing in pain for a while, his roommate and best friend Judah, a self proclaimed connoisseur of women, tries to help him get his life on track while dealing with his own personal battles




The series centers on male and female roommates who end up sleeping together. Afterwards, chaos ensues. We don’t know about you, but we always have to listen to « Homie, Lover, Friend » each time the title comes to my mind.




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