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E.P. : « Tapsï » – Shey


The New Bell Music singer Shey released yesterday his first ever E.P. named « Tapsï ».

Shey is a singer and songwriter from Kumba, Cameroon, who grew up in Douala. Shey has been featured on New Bell Music’s « Lord Have Mercy » EP, Tilla’s Kankwe Chap EP, Jovi‘s album « Mboko God« , and Reniss‘ EP « Milkish« . He has also featured in Tilla’s music video “Pantana” and Reniss’ new video “Na You” currently playing on Trace Urban. Yesterday he released his first E.P. named « Tapsï« .

Shey’s diverse style spans the genres of hip hop, R&B, dancehall, reggae, and more. After featuring on several New Bell Music projects, most notably on Jovi’s Mboko God album, writing choruses in the Limbum language on such songs as « Mboko God (Positioning) » and « Comme Moundi » as well as his touching lyrics in « Jungle Book » Shey releases his own four track EP « Tapsï« . Shey has the unique ability to express a wide range of emotions and styles in his music, which is full of humor, self-reflection, sadness, and celebration.

From the light-hearted « Ice Cream » featuring Pascal, to the darker « Popoh Combi » featuring Tilla, to the heartfelt « Why » and the smooth, party groove « Jongleur, » Shey‘s Caribbean-cool and Cameroonian vibe mix to form a contagious sound. Produced by Le Monstre and Kiloh, Tapsï means « Good Work » in the Limbum language, and features the energetic fusion of undulating bass lines, crisp synth-snares, and melodies that move your body.

Well done Mister Shey ! Enjoy Wanda People !

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