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samedi, juin 15, 2024

Ça chauffe !

Luxury Plane, The Victory Carrier

Starting from a dream to making it a reality, this is the bet made by the CEO of LUXUXY PLANE Mc Calvin TJEGA; Also called the « Transporter of Victory »; His team of dedicated professionals, attentive to the needs of customers, work daily for their comfort, safety and discretion. 

He was not predestined for the field of private aviation. Coming from the popular districts of Douala (cite sic Bassa) the mania of the aviaton, formerly jet-setter is no longer need to be introduced. Rigorous, dynamic and an enthusiast, Mc Calvin TJEGA is at the head of one of the largest aircraft rental companies (private jets) in Africa. Located at Paris Le Bourget airport Mc Calvin TJEGA through LUXUXY PLANE once again let his professionalism speaks for him. 

With the Squirrels of Benin 🇧🇯 , Lesotho 🇱🇸 and today with the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon, his beloved land. 

The « Superior Quality »  as he is fondly called by his entourage, remains a perfectionist in everything he does. Hard at work, he leaves nothing out and the smallest detail counts to satisfy his client: « If aviation was like football, I would be Samuel ETO’O! » 

Says Mc Calvin TJEGA. He is the one who makes the inaccessible possible through LUXURY PLANE.

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