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Documentary : « The Pearl of Africa », transgender life in Uganda (En/Fr)



Here is « The Pearl of Africa » the journey of Cleo, a transgender woman who lived in Uganda. Documentary by filmmaker Jonny von Wallström.

Cleopatra Kambugu is a 28-year old student and transgender activist who is transitionning in her native Uganda where  parliamentarians sought, albeit unsuccessfully, to make her very existence a crime punishable by death. Remember that in 2014, President Yoweri Museveni signed the Anti-Homosexuality Act into law.

She lost her job and fled to Kenya after having been ”outed” as a homosexual on the front page of Red Paper, one of Uganda’s major tabloids. Forcing her to live behind closed gate for over a month and within a week, she lost her job and the relationship with several family members.

Filmmaker Jonny von Wallström shadowed Cleo for 18 months amidst mounting anti-gay discrimination as she worked towards improving the welfare of  Uganda’s LGBTI (Lesbiennes, gays, bisexuels et transgenres) community. In an essay written for the Huffington Post, von Wallström indicated that his impulse behind the creation of the film was to show other LGBTI Ugandans that they are not alone while “tell[ing] a story that humanizes the trans community” in an effort to change the prejudiced perceptions held by many.

A moving, personal portrait of an African woman’s desire to navigate her gender expression and identity on her own terms.

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Découvrez ce documentaire sur cette jeune femme de 28 ans Cleopatra Kambugu, ougandaise, activiste et transexuelle. En 2014, lorsque la loi Anti-homosexuelle est passé en Ouganda, Cleo s’est retrouvée en couverture d’un journal qui révélait sa véritable identité. La même semaine elle perdait son boulot et sa famille l’abandonnait


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