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mercredi, juillet 24, 2024

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Web Series : « Sexless » – Exploring the world of virgin adults


After « Hello Cupid » or « Roomies », YouTube network Black & Sexy TV launched a new series on Valentine’s day called “Sexless,” which follows the lives of four women, two of whom are virgins and two of whom have taken voluntary vows of celibacy. The network has been teasing the show with six-minute minisodes on its channel — they’re way too racy to embed here.

If you wanna watch the full episodes, you need to subscribe for 7 $/month. Black & Sexy also plans to offer exclusive content through its streaming service. Full episodes of “Sexless,” for instance, will only available through Black & Sexy Now following Saturday’s premiere.

Check the 6 minisodes… And the first episode below…

Follow them on Youtube.

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