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WanDiscovery : Malaika’s Secret, Africa’s Intimate Store


Wanda Girls, today let’s discover « Malaika’s Secret », an african lingerie brand made for your bodies.

Malaika’s Secret is a celebration of African women’s bodies, embraced in a selection of lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, sportswear and all things romantic to adorn all the, Angels Of The Motherland.

Malaika means Angel in Swahili and Arabic, of which, Malaika’s Secret is highly honoured to be the guardian of her Secret.

Malaika’s Secret aims to offer angels of the motherland products that compliment their features, bring a hint of seduction, romance and a slice of style to their body. Malaika’s Secret prided itself for being a brand of African origin, one that better understands the essence of an African woman from both a cultural and value perspective.


Social Good – When you buy Malaika’s Secret, whether you realise it or not, you will be buying into something bigger than yes, gorgeous intimate apparel. You will be directly helping with the campaign for Cancer & Rape Awareness throughout Africa; through their Foundation.

We believe as a female orientated African brand, it’s our duty to support and empower our Queens.

Malaika’s Secret is for everyone, no matter your age, size or style;

Yes, You The More Than A Handful – it’s not a Waste and Yes, You The Apple Bottom – it’s what your Mama gave ya!

The perfect fitting, perfect forming and outstanding quality lingerie for the women of Africa.

All products are priced in local currency. Shipping to All Africa.

Visit the website.


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